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OK, so why should you consider a novated lease?

Novated leases are a tax effective way to finance a new or used car.  Broadly speaking it allows an employee to pay all the vehicle lease repayments and running costs pre-tax although there wil usually be some fring benefit tax payable.  Here are some of the highlights

    • No GST on new or used cars The GST portion of the car is a tax credit to your employer
    • Fuel, servicing FBT free Running costs are all exempt from FBT so you get the full tax benefit
    • GST-free fuel Everytime you fill up you’ll be saving at the pump.
    • Choose your own car You can novated any car, new or used
    • Regular monthly repayments Everything including fuel, servicing, tyres etc is combined into a regular monthly payment

Want more information?

If that sounds of interest, get in touch with one of our specialist novated lease agents.  We’ll walk you through the ins and outs and prepare some modelling specific to your situation.  Of course there’s no charge and no obligation to see what it might mean for you.

A ‘No-Hassle’ Novated Lease

We can take care of it all for you.  From the initial modelling to setting up the payments from HR, we make it easy so you can relax and enjoy the savings on your new car.

So, for a completely free and no-obligation quotation from Australia’s leading novated lease specialists call 1300 346 227 or click the enquiry button below…

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